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Find over 1000 Horse-Calendars: Wall, Desk, and Engagement Calendars. We are Featuring Wild-Horses, Arabian, Paint, Morgan, Draft, and Quarter Horses: Colts, Fillies, and Foals. I have once again taken the liberty of picking some of my favorites for your viewing pleasure. Also included are fun facts about the Horses, Calendars, or Artists. Everyone needs a calendar; why not have one that says, “Hey, we are Horse-Lovers!” (I have about a dozen). When you are done, come on back and enjoy the rest of our site.

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Horse Lovers 2013

Horse Lovers - 2013 Hardcover Weekly Engagement Calendar

Enormously powerful animals, horses are nonetheless elegant and remarkably selfless. It is estimated that there are nearly 6 million domesticated horses around the world today. Those who love these beautiful creatures will certainly appreciate this Horses weekly engagement calendar. This wire-o bound hardcovered engagement diary measures 6.5” x 7.5” and features full-color images alongside planner pages for each week of the year. The calendar begins with a full-year calendarium and ends with a full-year calendarium of the upcoming year. It also includes several pages for personal notes.

Horse Lovers 2013 Hardcover Weekly Engagement Calendar

Quarter Horses - 2013

Quarter Horses were developed in 17th century Virginia, the first breed of horse to originate in the United States. Their name is derived from the straight quarter mile track they ran during America’s first foray into equestrian racing. A sprinter, the Quarter Horse has keen cow sense. It is as much a symbol of the American West as the cowboy it carries. A tribute to the storied Quarter Horse, these sharp Horse-Calendars will please cowboys, cowgirls and horse lovers across the board.

Quarter Horses 2013

Pintos - 2013 Wall Calendar

The Pinto is a horse that has a coat that has large patches of white with another color. The Pinto breed is considered a color breed, so horses that are Pinto can also be representatives of other horse breeds. A year full of wonderful Pinto-colored horses will accompany you through the year in these stunning wall Horse-Calendars.

Pintos 2013 Wall Calendar


Clydesdales - 2013 Wall Calendar

Often referred to as the "Gentle Giant", the Clydesdale is a Scottish breed that was bred as a farmer's working horse. Over the years these intelligent, sturdy animals have become popular with recreational riders. Perhaps even more so than its incredible physique, the Clydesdale's most distinctive feature is the long silky bouquet of hair growing below its knees, swaying gracefully with every step of its feet. Those who appreciate these magnificent horses are sure to enjoy these Clydesdales wall Horse-Calendars.

Clydesdales 2013

Spirit Horses - 2013 Calendar

Through his luminous photography of horses, Tony Stromberg works to bridge what he calls “modern life’s separation between people and nature.” As humankind’s most enduring companion, horses can be profound teachers, bringing deep awareness to a world dangerously out of balance. This gorgeous Spirit Horses wall calendar is filled with extraordinary portraits of horses, both wild and domestic, paired with quotations from teachers and writers exploring equine wisdom and its intersection with spirituality.

Spirit Horses 2013

Wild Horses - 2013 Wall Calendar

Wild and free, the rare and beautiful wild horse actually originated in the Americas and then died out many years ago (at least in North America). Eventually the Spanish arrived with domesticated horses. For a number of reasons, many of these horses and their descendants were left to the wild where they thrived. It is estimated that at their high point, several million mustangs roamed the Americas. Fewer than 2, were left in 1971 when a federal law was passed to protect those remaining in the United States. Admire these majestic animals and plenty of beautiful scenery in this Wild Horses wall calendar.

Wild Horses 2013

Horses 365 Days 2013 Wall Calendar

Horses 365 Days - 2013 Wall Calendar

Horses 365 Days 2013 Wall Calendar

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