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Some of the first (and best) photos I received were from Connie in Aledo, IL.
I promised Connie that when this page was ready, that her horses' photo would be right at the top. So without further ado, it gives me great pleasure to introduce Connie's Overo Paint Horse, pictured here at 18 days old.

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WOW!!! So many great photos, but so little space to put them all into. Before going any further, I need to pause for a minute and go over a few things.

1) Thank you to all the Horse Lovers who are sending in their photos and pictures, but…

2) I can only post photos in jpg., gif., or png. Formats. Sorry, that's just the way the server works.

3) Please keep your picture size to fewer than 100 Kbytes, preferably around 50 Kbytes. Buddy was about 240 KB. Other wise this page takes forever to load if you use a 56K modem. Please send us feedback if you're having this problem.

4) Please send only YOUR Best Horse Photos. Although I like looking at them, to post someone else's photos here would be a clear copyright infringement.

5) All photos are entered by our viewers. best-horse-photos assume they own copyright and takes no responsibly for copyright infringement.

6) Ps The response to our site has been fantastic. Thank you all for your support. However if there is something you don't like here, or something you would do differently, then BUILD YOUR OWN SITE!!! IT'S EASY.

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